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    Building a Growth-Oriented,
    Americas-Focused Mid-TierGold Producer

    Calibre is a multi-asset producer with excellent near mine discovery and organic growth potential.
    We are focused on building long-term sustainable value for our shareholders, communities we operate in, and all stakeholders.

    Calibre is a Canadian-listed, Americas focused, growing mid-tier gold producer with three operating assets and a strong pipeline of development and exploration opportunities across Nevada and Washington in the USA, and Nicaragua.

    Calibre is focused on delivering sustainable value for shareholders, local communities and all stakeholders through responsible operations and a disciplined approach to growth. With a strong balance sheet, no debt, a proven management team, strong operating cash flow, accretive development projects and district-scale exploration opportunities Calibre will unlock significant value.

    Growth Focused. Value Opportunities.

    190,000 OZ

    2022 Nicaragua Gold Production 180,000 – 190,000

    Continued year over year production growth
    Total Cash costs $1,000 -$1,100
    All-in Sustaining Costs $1,100 - $1,200


    Strong Free Cash Flow at Current Gold Prices

    $78.4M cash balance as of December 31, 2021 debt free and unhedged


    Management & Board Success

    Prior to the formation of Calibre, the team delivered >$5 billion in shareholder value; aligned with shareholders with >$10m (~5%) invested


    Exploration Potential

    2022 exploration budget $20 - $22m
    +80,000m of infill and exploration drilling

    * See January 6, 2021 news release disclosure for further details

    Social Responsibility

    Read About our ESG Efforts

    Investor Centre

    Learn More

    Follow us as we continue to discover, advance and create shareholder value.

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